Special Announcement: New Location Opening in Hillsboro Village

An incredible opportunity popped into my inbox last month. Emily Pardy with Ready Nest Counseling hatched a plan to expand their counseling services group and she wanted to offer bodywork as an option. I jumped at the chance. Now a few weeks later, this plan is about to go into action. 

What does this mean for you? 
If you’re already a client, this simply means you have two location options. As always, feel free to book online at RestorativeMassageNashville.com or text me at 615-429-5851. If you book online, simply select your location of choice when scheduling your appointment. You do not have to use the counseling services to book at this new location. If you have any troubles booking, just text or call me.

Where’s the new place?

The new location is in the old convent at Saint Bernard Academy. Parking is plentiful. Our suite of offices is on the 4th floor near the elevator and bathrooms (primo location,right??). You’ll receive parking details via email and text with your booking confirmation.

Will the Valleywood Drive location still be open? 
Yes. I will keep options open for Tuesday & Thursday mornings/evenings and one Saturday a month open for clients who prefer the Valleywood Drive. The booking system won’t allow me to offer Tuesday/Thursday morning hours at two locations, so always call or text me and I can work you in. I love my Valleywood Drive clients and want to keep this location available for you!

What are hours at the new location?
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

What about rates? 
Rates will remain the same at Valleywood Drive, but on average sessions will be about $15-20 higher at the Hillsboro Village. Rates at both locations are inclusive and gratuity is not accepted.

Who else will be in this suite of offices? 
Great question. Ready Nest Counseling supports families through all stages of pregnancy, postpartum, infertility and infant loss. PsycheMed specializes in medication management as a piece of the healing journey to provide holistic, person-centered care.

Amy, who’s this Susan person and why does she show up on the new booking site? 
I am very excited to be sharing this new space with Susan Richter, LMT. She is an independent massage therapist and incredibly talented. She will be focusing on prenatal and postpartum work among other areas. She will be on the schedule Saturdays and Mondays. Feel free to book with her anytime!

I’m sure there will be some bumps in the road with this transition, so bear with me as we work out any kinks. As always, call, email or text me with any questions.

Thanks to everyone for your support. I’ve got the best clients on the planet.

All the best,

Amy Packer, LMT and Owner
Restorative Massage Therapy

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